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Why You Should Use Direct Mail in your Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Multi-channel marketing isn’t called “online only” marketing. Smart marketers may have abandoned certain traditional “spray and pray” advertising techniques of old, but they continue to take advantage of long-standing avenues that still offer unique, highly productive opportunities to tell their story and sell their products or services.

They look for ways to combine online and offline channels, in different ways to achieve different marketing goals. It’s like having a closet full of beautifully tailored, mix-and-match apparel.

Why is multi-channel marketing so important?

Because success depends on reaching every pertinent prospect and reinforcing key messages. To do that, you have to put yourself where your prospects are, whether they’re online or not. Direct mail has unique advantages it brings to the game, which is why it’s such a versatile, valuable member of your marketing team.

You can use direct mail – especially postcards – to:

  • Increase awareness and reinforce branding. Mail in hand piques interest, and repeat mailings help keep your business top of mind till they’re ready to buy.
  • Sell specific products or services. Using the same message and call-to-action as other channels, you can amplify the value of a campaign.
  • Invite prospects or existing customers or the entire community to in-person events – your trade show booth, health fair, Valentine’s dinner, Easter Sunday services or sidewalk sale.
  • Drive traffic to your website for lead generation.
  • Engage with prospects by promoting your review sites, social networks or encouraging subscriptions to your e-newsletter to receive ongoing helpful information.
  • Re-engage former customers. You can use email or even social networks to try to win back those you haven’t seen in a while, but they can easily delete your message without a look. It’s virtually impossible to blithely dismiss direct mail postcards. In just a split second, they capture interest and “set the hook” by announcing your well-timed, valuable offer. Hey, that’s so tempting, I’d better give them another try.
  • Expand your reach. With direct mail, you can reach multiple segments simultaneously. And when you combine it with online channels, you can offer multiple “redemption channels,” too. That makes it more convenient and appealing for prospects.

For instance, dentists often send postcards with two offers — one aimed at attracting new patients and another which could attract new patients but could also upsell existing patients, such as a discount on whitening. The call-to-action is phoning the office to schedule an appointment. But you could also run simultaneous PPC campaigns for each offer, with CTAs that drives visitors to separate landing pages for each promotion.

You don’t have to wait for prospects to find you.

Direct mail is fast and affordable – perfect to support ongoing, year-round prospecting or specific short-term promotions. Do you need a seasonal sales boost? Are you introducing a new product or service and need an all-out launch? Direct mail is a must-have among your marketing mix.

Because you can produce them quickly and see immediate results, you could even use a postcard mailing to test a new potential marketing offer before you go all-out with it, on a broad scope of prospects or just a certain segment of your audience.

Direct mail is especially effective for reaching younger audiences.

Many marketers are surprised to learn this, since younger generations are notoriously devoted to their technology. But that means they’re inundated with electronic messages, and studies show they are particularly happy to see offers in their mail. They can take their time to re-read your information because it isn’t fleeting. And, boy, do you make an impression that stands out from the competition. Who else sends them something they can touch and keep?

There’s a lot to like about direct mail. Shouldn’t you be using it as part of your multi-channel marketing?

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