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Why Direct Mail Marketing Might Be Your Best Business Investment of 2015

Our economy is finally picking up, across the country and across multiple industries. That’s great news that indicates 2015 holds a lot of promise for small businesses suffering from the tough times of recent years. Are you ready to take advantage, with an up-to-date marketing plan? Hopefully you’ve included direct mail marketing, because it might be the best business investment you make this year.

A certain number of people who finally feel comfortable spending more may find your business on their own, by searching online, driving by your location and noticing your sign or asking friends for recommendations. To capture their attention, it’s important to make sure your online marketing efforts are tip-top, your sign looks inviting, etc.

But direct mail marketing can help you deliberately reach out to people in a way all those other efforts cannot. Direct mail, especially postcards, can:

  • Introduce your business, whether it’s brand new or simply new to this particular group of recipients.
  • Tell people about your products and services.
  • Explain why your business is the best choice compared to your competitors.
  • Make direct offers to get the ball rolling and bring in that first sale or generate return business from existing customers.
  • Reignite interest from lapsed customers or patients.
  • Solicit referrals.

Direct mail’s versatility means you can use it alone or integrate it into multi-channel projects, both online and offline. You can target it broadly, with mailings to every household in your area, or deliver a campaign aimed at one segment of your audience, by building your mailing list using targeted selection criteria.

That kind of versatility should not be ignored. After all, benefiting in multiple ways from your marketing means you’re enjoying a higher return on your investment. It’s easy to calculate that return when you’re using postcards, because it’s so easy to track response and revenue generated by your mailings. What business owner doesn’t want that?

What if you’re a church or other non-profit?

You still need to grow. Spreading the word about your mission and growing your congregation may not be based on economics, but like any other entity, your church has competition, and effective marketing is critical if you expect to stand out from the competition. You can use direct mail marketing for:

  • Increasing attendance at regular services.
  • Increasing attendance for holidays and special events.
  • Boosting participation in programming for children, Bible study classes or other activities.
  • Attracting public interest and support for your community projects or overseas mission.

Direct mail marketing can help you do it all, affordably enough for even the smallest budgets. In fact, affordability is one reason postcards are so cost-effective for all types of marketers.

A fabulous 2015 starts with a comprehensive marketing plan.

If you haven’t established a marketing plan for 2015, it’s time to get busy, because opportunities are already slipping away. If you have a plan in place, there’s still time to review it and consider all the ways you could incorporate direct mail marketing to support the campaigns you have on your calendar or create new ones.

If you overlook direct mail, you run the very real risk of missing segments of your target audience. That’s not only a revenue-killer in the near term, your competition could be connecting with those prospects instead – so they may be lost to you forever.

Direct mail marketing has so much going for it. No wonder postcards in particular have proven to be an outstanding investment for all kinds of small and local businesses for many decades.

It’s time to imagine the possibilities . . . how might you grow your business this year if you put direct mail marketing to work for you? It just might be your best business investment of 2015.

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