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Today’s Big Question: Does Postcard Marketing Work?

It’s a question that pops up now and then, despite the fact that direct mail marketing has been around for decades: does postcard marketing work? The answer depends on who you ask.

If you’re talking to someone whose livelihood comes from promoting another marketing mechanism, either traditional or online, you may hear that postcard marketing is not an effective choice. If you ask the people that know best – the hundreds of thousands of small business owners across the country who rely on postcard marketing – you’ll get a resounding yes!

If postcard marketing didn’t work, it wouldn’t be such an enduring mainstay of the marketing world. Postcards aren’t trendy. They’re not the latest fad. They’re simply the best tool for the job for many small businesses.

Why does postcard marketing work?

  • People might do their banking and bill-paying online these days, but they still love to receive offers in the mail. They respond to those offers, too, in surprisingly high numbers. In other words, they’re already interested to see your postcard and your offer.
  • Postcards spring into action the minute people pick them up. They’re impossible to miss in the mailbox and – properly designed – impossible to ignore. With the right combination of color and images, your key message has an at-a-glance impact.
  • You can deliver more “message” then you might think with postcards. Despite their relatively small size, there’s plenty of room to display images that will resonate strongly with your prospects, emphasize the benefits that differentiate you from the competition and – your prospect’s favorite part – make them a special offer they can’t refuse.
  • It’s easy to target direct mail, so you’re only sending your postcards to people who are top-quality prospects. If your customer base is very broad, you can mail to everyone in the area. You can even tailor your mailing list to reach certain demographics or neighborhoods. You can target your existing customers, clients or patients to generate referrals and boost repeat business. You can even create a campaign to renew your relationship with lapsed customers.
  • Postcard marketing is affordable. It’s an important consideration for any marketing tool and doubly so if you’re a small business owner. With smart targeting, you can produce just the right quantity of postcards and pay the lowest available postage rates, so you’re saving money up front and generating the greatest return going forward.
  • Postcard campaigns are easy to repeat on a regular basis, and every successful marketer knows that consistency and repetition are the keys to attracting the most leads and converting those leads to customers.

Postcards may not be the answer for every business, but they have been proven to work – year in and year out – for a wide variety of businesses that sell both products and services. Many small businesses use postcards as their primary marketing tool, but you can also use them very effectively as part of a larger marketing mix, combining them with both online and offline channels to conduct broad-scale campaigns.

Postcards can support email campaigns, they can drive traffic to your website or social media pages and they are a great way to spread the word about one-time promotions such as your annual sale or open house.

Does postcard marketing work for your business? There’s an easy way to find out. Talk to a direct mail marketing pro about your goals for business growth and your specific marketing challenges. Look for a full-service company that handles everything from creative through mailing, so you can get the whole picture. They’ll be able to advise you about how you can use postcards to boost sales and reach your goals faster.

The next time someone asks you “does postcard marketing work?” you’ll be able to say with authority, “of course.”

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