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The Only Postcard Mailing Service Resources You’ll Ever Need

There’s only one postcard mailing service resource you ever need: their phone number. Once you’ve selected the right postcard mailing service to work with – one that can give you experienced, A-to-Z assistance – the rest is easy because you’re only a phone call away from the tremendous library of resources they have at their disposal.

The right postcard mailing service offers resources you’d never find on your own. Some are tangible and some are intangible, but both types of resources are equally important for your marketing success.

Tangible resources include things such as:

  • Graphic design talent.

  • Professional printing facilities.

  • Sorting and prepping capabilities.

  • Paperwork completion.

  • Delivering your mailing right to the post office.

  • Mailing list selection.

  • Assuring you get the best available postage rate.

With the intangibles, you’re tapping into the knowledge and skill your postcard mailing service has gained through their years of experience working with businesses like yours. Their insights will guide you toward details that make a difference and what works best for postcard campaigns like yours.

Let’s look at some specific resources of a full-service postcard mailing service.

Resource: Planning advice and recommendations.

Using postcards is a comparatively simple way to promote your business, but you still need a carefully considered plan of action to get the most from your efforts. Your postcard mailing service can help you draft a plan that leaves nothing to chance:

  • Goals for your campaign.

  • Short or long-term campaign duration – are you looking to attract ongoing new business or conduct a seasonal promotion?

  • Targeting based on your goals and the most appropriate mailing list to reach that audience

  • A concise list of the unique benefits to working with your business or organization.

  • A right-on-the-money offer.

  • An imperative call to action.

  • Multiple ways for prospects to follow up.

  • Mailing frequency plan.

Resource: Postcard design.

Now that you have a plan and your key elements are defined and assembled, your postcard mailing service can give you expert production assistance with:

  • Postcard size advice.

  • Layout.

  • Custom design that blends your branded marketing “look” with the visual effects proven to drive postcard marketing success.

  • Specific text, especially your headline. With only seven or so words to grab your target’s attention and motivate them to read more, those few words can make or break your campaign. A well-crafted headline that produces results is simply critical.

  • Professional-grade printing that does full justice to your postcard design and subtly tells prospects quality counts at your business.

When all these elements are pulled together properly, your postcards will have undeniable impact. You’ll start seeing results quickly, and you’ll keep seeing results over time.

Resource: Measurement and tracking.

Establishing measurement metrics is the important final step of creating your marketing plan. And when you’re marketing with postcards, formulating a way to track and evaluate your results couldn’t be easier. Not so with many other marketing methods.

Your postcard mailing service can help you measure response. They’ll explain why return on investment, or ROI, is the most meaningful metric you can use to judge the ongoing success of your campaign. And they’ll show you why computing customer lifetime value gives you your true marketing bottom line.

They can also help you set up phone tracking procedures and provide training to perfect your ability to convert callers responding to your postcard marketing.

You only have to make one call. That’s the ultimate beauty of working with a postcard mailing service. If you don’t need them to handle every detail, you can pick and choose among their services or simply pick their very resourceful brain to get some new ideas for improving your postcard marketing campaigns.

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