Target Twitter Users By Zipcode

Target Twitter Users By Zip code

Twitter has done it again. This time, they have launched a new geo-targeting tool for advertisers that allows targeting by postal code. It’s rather like Twitter direct mail – you can send (tweet or mail) your message directly to a very specific audience. Unfortunately this prime opportunity is only available in Britain as yet.

Up till now, British advertisers could aim their tweets at specific metropolitan or regional audiences, but this new service enables far more localized targeting. Twitter’s US editorial manager has projected the country’s political parties would immediately begin using the new geo-targeting tool in three ways as elections near:

  • In constituencies where the political battle centers on a single issue, candidates can respond to voter questions to clarify their awareness or support of the issue.
  • In hotly-contested districts, candidates have another means of reaching out to individual voters to raise awareness of their candidacy and positions.
  • National parties can tailor messaging about key issues to match top interests or concerns district by district.

While all the initial excitement is focused on how political parties will be using Twitter direct mail to reach niche voter segments, the reality is that the ability to pinpoint targeting in this way offers significant opportunities for business and organizations large and small. Big brands will be better able to connect with local audiences. Local businesses will have another tool to stay au courant with segments within their community.

No word yet on when this new service will hit the States, but it’s time to start thinking about how you can harness Twitter’s zip code targeting once it becomes available here in the States.

For instance, postcard marketers – and as a local business you really should be using postcards as part of your marketing mix – will be able to mail and tweet to the same audience, giving campaigns extra oomph by presenting the message in two distinct yet complementary ways. You can also tweet a “heads up” to your targets to watch their mail box.

And that’s just the beginning. Will you be ready when Twitter direct mail comes to town?

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