Stop Getting Lost In The Mailbox: Successful Postcard Design Ideas To Stand Out

Postcard design ideas that assure superior results have to tell prospects who you are, what you offer, how and why they should choose you, at this time. How you word those things, the visuals you use and where you place them within your overall design all affect your postcard’s performance. Great postcard design ideas guarantee you’ll never get lost in the mailbox.

Size matters.

Standard 4×6 postcards work remarkably well for some types of businesses or special marketing campaigns. But you’ll find that larger 5.5×8.5 or jumbo 6×11 postcards literally stick out more obviously among your recipient’s other mail. That makes the larger sizes better at grabbing immediate attention. And that gets your marketing is off to a strong start.

Choose your images carefully.

Visuals aren’t there for decoration, they speak volumes about your business. Whether you use actual photos or artwork or a combination of the two, images boost your postcard’s impact in two ways:

  • They make it more eye-catching.
  • They convey emotion.

They should invite your prospects to put themselves in your picture, or allow them to “meet” you. Use images to:

  • Show yourself, if you’re a key “draw” for your business. For instance if you’re a healthcare professional, personal trainer, salon technician, pastor or in another business where people interact with you personally, it’s critical to establish a sense of familiarity that builds trust and confidence.
  • Show your business if it sets you apart from the competition. For example, one pediatric dentist we know has a jungle-themed office that would put any kid (and their parents) at ease because it looks fun instead of scary. Naturally, that picture features prominently on their postcard.
  • Show people that depict happy shoppers, clients, members or patients.
  • Show results your prospects can expect — mouth-watering food, a lush lawn, clean cushy carpet, a sparkling pool.

Flaunt your offer with a can’t-miss headline.

Regardless what other content you include on your postcard, your offer is the primary marketing message. Your headline should boldly tell prospects what that is.

Successful postcard design ideas include third-party credibility-builders.

You can do that by displaying:

  • Short quotes from customer testimonials or online reviews.
  • Logos of business, professional or community organizations you belong to, such as the Better Business Bureau or your downtown merchants association.
  • Professional accreditations.

Quality printing is essential

Second-rate-looking postcards may “stand out” alright, but not in the way you want. They’ll mark you as a business that either doesn’t pay attention to details or doesn’t care – and that will send your prospects off in the direction of your competitors.

Use irresistible words.

Effective postcard design ideas incorporate “enticing” words that underscore the value of your offer, such as free, special, limited time, % off or $ off. You can also display your offer so that it looks like a coupon, to make it stand out more and say “value!”.

Nobody has better postcard design ideas than the pros.

Why risk getting lost in the mailbox, when help is available to ensure your postcards will always be a stand-out?

Should you pick large versus jumbo size for your postcard? Not sure how to word your headline? Should your discount be a dollar amount or a percentage? You don’t have to guess or get it wrong, you can simply ask a pro by enlisting the help of a full-service direct mail company. They know what works and what doesn’t, in every detail.

They can even provide samples for you to check out, so you can see for yourself the kind of quality workmanship you’ll get. You’ll not only get great postcard design ideas, you get postcards you can be proud of.

photo credit: r.nial.bradshaw via photopin cc

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