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Print Marketing is Not Dead (Not Dying Either)

Ever since the Internet became the premium medium for advertising and content delivery (still debatable) to some of the bigger names in business, people have been saying that print marketing is dead or dying. Your friendly neighborhood bookstore is closing. Your Sunday paper just delivered its last issue. Your favorite magazine is trading its newly-printed smell for Flash animation.

Well, all those things are indeed true but one thing is for sure – print advertising is not dead. Not in the world of marketers.

The Secret

Most of the people who claim print marketing is dead do not know the age-old secret when it comes to print marketing. In order of print marketing to work, you must do it right.

Wait, doesn’t everybody know that? Well, yes. But are they adhering to it? I think not.

Remember that the success of a marketing campaign directly correlates to the quality of marketing materials and techniques you use. Simply put, if you use low-quality printing then you will undoubtedly get low-quality results.

Most of us believe that print marketing SHOULD be cheap and I won’t argue with that belief. You only have to remember that if you decide to pay peanuts then you should expect to get monkeys.

So what’s your proof?

I guess this is what you have been waiting for. Like what I said a while back, print marketing is not in a coma, dying, or dead. I have proof that these things are not true and here are a good number of them.

Print is long lasting

Ever went to a place where they had those coffee table magazines from 1999? Did you see some of the ads from that time? Go to the Internet now and check if you can see an ad from a specific company from last year. A brochure or ad can easily be cut and tacked to the fridge or board and be visible to everybody. Internet ads easily get lost the moment you move forward.

Print is credible

With the technology we have today, you can have a website up and running with minimal time and budget. Just add a couple of underhanded techniques and some “optimization” and you will have it on the top of the search ranks in no time. This becomes a problem when it comes to the issue of “trust” among users and Internet web pages. Plus, who has ever received a virus from printed ad?

Print connects

According to a study requested by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, neuroscientist conducted research regarding the emotional attachment customers had to a chosen form of marketing. They have concluded that print marketing creates a more significant emotional reaction to the brain of the users compared to digital marketing

Print plays nicely with other advertising mediums

A little secret among marketers is that campaigns that can work on multiple mediums can work significantly better than those that operate only on a single marketing tactic.

Even Google is guilty that it cannot fulfill all the needs of its customer base. According to their report, more than half of the mobile users perform searches based on an ad they saw on print.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to integrate a little of everything in your campaign and this is where print advertising works best. If you are planning to do a brochure marketing campaign, add your social media page or place your website URL where it will get noticed.

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