How to revamp an ineffective direct mail marketing campaign

How To Revamp An Ineffective Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

If your last direct mail marketing campaign was a dud, you need to find out why. Give it a detailed overhaul, looking at each component to learn what could be the source(s) of your ineffectiveness, so you can address each one.

Are you:

  • Mailing to the wrong audience?

If recipients aren’t interested or are only mildly interested, you can’t expect much response.

  • Failing to secure their interest right off the bat?

They won’t read more if your headline puts them to sleep instead of reaching out and grabbing their attention

  • Failing to make your case about your business or your products or services?

Your postcard should concisely explain who you are, what you do or sell and the benefits that set you apart from others.

  • Failing to make good enough offer? Or not offering any incentive to respond?

You might generate some response just by letting people know you’re available, but for obvious reasons you’ll spark greater interest from more viewers if you offer them a deal to begin a business relationship with you. What do they want or need most? What triggers people to call or come into your business?

  • Burying your CTA? Or assuming recipients know what to do next?

Even if your postcard viewer reads all the details and gets excited about your offer, their interest will dissipate like fog in the sun if they can’t quickly discern what to do about it. Give them a break – and improve your response rate – with a boldly obvious call to action. And don’t go half-way, with “call us” and a fine-print phone number. Tell them what to do and show them how to do it.

There could be more subtle factors affecting your postcard’s effectiveness.

It may seem as if you’re doing everything right with your direct mail postcard campaign, yet it’s not producing like you know it should. Often people are reluctant to call an unfamiliar business even when they need your services, especially if it’s something very personal like a dentist, hair stylist, massage therapist, personal trainer, etc. You may need to boost their confidence further.

It’s easy to do that with at-a-glance visual elements that speak volumes in support of you and your business:

  • Review or testimonial quotes.
  • Product ratings.
  • Professional accreditations.
  • Business associations or awards.

Or maybe your offer was great but you left it open-ended, in effect telling your postcard recipient they could take advantage of your offer whenever they get around to it. They’ll forget. Or they’ll lose your postcard. Your marketing goal isn’t to build your business someday, but soon, so give prospects an extra push by limiting the availability of your offer – either with a deadline or a quantity available.

Maybe you aren’t choosing the most compelling images. The ones you’re using may be beautiful and high-quality, but perhaps you need something different. For instance, many people like to see what potential hands-on providers – again, dentists are a great example – look like. Do you seem competent? Reassuring? In this case, a friendly picture of you may go farther than a fun shot of your snazzy waiting area.

Is your entire postcard professional quality, through and through? Good, clean custom design that distinctly reflects you and no one else? No mistakes? Superior printing that pops right off the postcard? Is it consistent with your other marketing? It should reinforce your branding, sparking “hey, I’ve heard of these guys!” recognition when recipients first see your postcard.

Why leave anything to chance?

Get professional help to conduct your postcard campaign review and analysis. Then take the next step and take full advantage of their other services – valuable, actionable advice and execution assistance with both the promotional and strictly functional aspects of your direct mail marketing efforts. A full-service direct mail company knows what is proven to work with local businesses like yours, and that’s how you erase ineffectiveness.

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