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How to Bring in the Big Bucks with Postcard Advertising

How well is your small business marketing working? Is it bringing in the big bucks, like you hoped it would? Professionally designed postcard advertising has an outstanding track record that surpasses other forms of advertising and marketing for small businesses, for one simple reason: it works.

Consider these enthusiastic comments:

  • “brought in 1000 new customers in 6 months”
  • “increased our sales by 100% last year”
  • “over 200 new patients a year and more than $100,000 in new revenue”
  • “$14,000 in new revenue every month”
  • “over 700% ROI – the biggest issue is finding space for everyone”

These are quotes from real direct mail customers who rely on postcard advertising. Small business owners just like you. They’re dentists and restaurant owners. They offer children’s programs and build swimming pools. And, boy are they glad they discovered postcard advertising. Postcards can help you bring in the big bucks, too.

Let’s look more closely at those quotes, to see how postcards work so well to help grow your business.

Postcard advertising brings in more customers.

It’s easy to attract new patients, clients or shoppers using postcards, because it’s so easy to reach your target audience.

You can do an “every door” mailing that does just what the name implies, putting your postcard in the hands of every resident in the area you designate – your neighborhood, certain ZIP codes, your entire city, etc. Or you can create a custom mailing list based on certain demographics – age, gender, income, parents with children at home, etc. Your mailings go directly to the people already interested in your products or services.

You can use postcards to solicit referrals from your existing customers, too. Who better to help promote your business than people who know first-hand how great you are? Happy customers love to help build your business.

More customers means more sales. And that means more revenue.

Every time you attract a new customer, you increase your income. Your great products or service and professional demeanor keep them coming back, and you have a customer for life. That’s worth a lot.

Postcard campaigns clearly brand your business. They generate sales by attracting attention to your special offers – offers designed to motivate people to respond right away.

Postcard advertising generates amazing ROI.

Frankly, it’s the best you can get. Really. Direct mail provides the highest ROI you can get from any marketing medium.

Postcard advertising is perfect for small businesses.

You need marketing that works, quickly and continuously. Something that doesn’t require you to become a marketing expert or spend a lot of time fiddling with the details.

Postcard advertising works because it’s simple, it’s uniquely tailored for your business and your customers and it’s an ongoing process. Repetition is everything when it comes to marketing success, and monthly mailings are an easy, effective way to keep your face and name in front of top prospects.

All you have to do to start bringing in the big bucks using postcards is team up with a direct marketing professional.

They’ll give you all the help and advice you need to create a postcard marketing plan tailored just for your business. Then they’ll handle all the work for you, from postcard design to top-quality printing to bulk mailing prep that ensures you’ll pay the lowest possible postage rate.

You’ll be involved, of course, because it’s your business. You’ll decide what offers you want to include in your advertising, and you’ll work closely with the professional graphic designer to ensure your postcards have the look and feel and “flavor” of your individual business. But mostly your job will be to serve all those new customers and analyze the results of your postcard advertising, to total up your sales and compute your ROI.

Ready to get started?

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