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Get Noticed with a Custom Postcard Design

The purpose of postcard marketing isn’t simply to send greetings to people. If that was your goal, you could order a supply of pretty cards from your favorite tourist destination and send them off with a “wish you were here” note. But your goal is to promote your business and entice people to become customers, or clients or patients.

So while “wish you were here” is certainly a sincere message – you do wish prospects would join the ranks of your regular clientele – your postcards need more than a pretty picture of the Grand Canyon. A lot more. It takes custom design to ensure your postcards will get noticed in a big way.

Custom-designed postcards spotlight your business.

What works for your type of business and customers is not the same as what works for other businesses. And the last thing you want is to copy your competitors. Design that gets noticed uses your photos. Your special offer(s). They speak in your voice, with your personality.

What works?

A drop-dead, attention-getting headline that stimulates interest – enough that your recipient simply has to know more. Your headline has to stand out visually and make a statement so strong it cannot be ignored. That requires custom design and wording tailored specifically for your business and offer.

Unique-to-you images. Let’s say you’re a pediatric dentist and your office is decorated to look like a space ship or some other cool place to play and explore – a fun attraction for kids that allays fears about going to the dentist. Postcards with photos of your kid-friendly office speak volumes to parents – your prospects – about why you’re the obvious choice to be their child’s dentist.

On the other hand, a generic photo or image says nothing about you. It doesn’t inform, or build trust and confidence in prospects, it’s just wasted space. You might as well use that photo of the Grand Canyon.

You get the idea — this scenario translates across all types of businesses – landscaping or pool care, restaurants, hair salons, retail, B2B, even a church or daycare center.

Once you get noticed, you need to inform.

With custom design, you can list the most important reasons why your business is different from others – why you’re the best choice. A few bullet points along with a testimonial quote set your business apart and establish your credibility. List your professional affiliations and social media profiles, and you’ll make an even greater impression.

Customized offers seal the deal.

Just because a particular offer works like magic for another business doesn’t mean it will generate the most response for you. Your offer has to be both timely and valuable in the eyes of your prospects. For instance:

  • Apartment managers may want to offer first month free or waive application fees.
  • Restaurants may want to offer two-for-one specials, a specific discount or a free appetizer or beverage.
  • Fitness centers and gyms can offer a free trial membership or a free massage or personal training session.
  • Dentists may offer discounts on elective services, free X-rays, or giveaways like electric toothbrushes or bleaching kits.

But which is best for you? Should you spell out your offer, or say “call for details”? Should you include multiple offers? What if you’re a real estate broker? Traditional discounts aren’t appropriate, so what should you do instead to urge response? A direct mail expert can give you knowledgeable advice about details like these – advice customized just for you.

The more competitive your business, the more you need to get every detail of your postcard marketing just right. Custom design enables your postcards to make a play for your recipients’ attention and hit a home run with them.

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