Frequency Works!

How often should I mail? I hear this over and over. The answer to this depends on your business. What type of business you are. How many new clients can you handle? What is your sales cycle?

Frequency in marketing definitely works. Mailing to the same target group gives your company credibility and branding. Your potential customers get to know you through your marketing. I was at a friend’s house and on her refrigerator was a postcard from a local realtor. When I asked my friend about the card, she told me it was their realtor. I was surprised because I didn’t know she was planning a move. What a small world I said – your realtor is one of my clients – when was the last time you spoke with him? Her answer astonished me. She had never spoken with him. Instead, she told me that he sent her a new card every month – he knows this area, so we will definitely call him when we move. He mailed to her on a monthly basis, always staying in front of her and she welcomed him in and gave him a prominent spot on her frig. His marketing worked! When she and her husband moved 7 months later – my client got the listing.

Like I said, frequency works!

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