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B2B Postcards! Why it’s One of the Best Ways to Market B2B

When you’re marketing your business to another business, it’s especially important to portray a professional image that says you’re reliable in addition to promoting your specific products or services. B2B postcards can be a particularly effective way to do that.

B2B postcards work for all kinds of business-centric products and services:

  • Janitorial
  • Courier
  • Event venues
  • Computer/IT support and service
  • Medical billing
  • Commercial real estate and property management
  • Security
  • Medical waste disposal or shredding
  • Corporate gifts
  • Fleet management products
  • POS or other business systems

What can you do with B2B postcards?

Use them to increase leads to your website or a special landing page by offering access to a webinar, whitepaper, eBook or other premium content. At the same time, you’re pre-qualifying leads, because postcards that carry a compelling offer and easy call to action not only generate leads but help you learn more about them. In addition to (or instead of) web-based premiums, you may want to offer a free consultation.

Use postcards to stay in front of longer-term prospects. The business-to-business sales pipeline often flows more slowly than consumer sales, and that means the nurturing process requires more “touches.” Industry experts say that highly-targeted direct mail is considered “high touch” by prospects. With each mailing, your postcards reinforce messaging, build trust and prompt action.

Use postcards to up-sell, cross-sell and generate repeat sales from existing customers. Use them to rekindle lapsed customer relationships or invite prospects to special events such as a webinar, seminar, live demonstration or trade show. Use them to announce new people, products or services. Think in terms of ongoing campaigns, not just one-off promotions.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better.

You might think that the largest postcards – 6×11 inches – would generate the greatest response, but experts say any size postcard can bring excellent results, as long as everything about it says “high quality.” That includes the images you use, the card stock and of course the printing.

It’s important to promote the “what’s in it for me” benefits of your products or services. Be sure your messaging uses keywords that resonate with your particular audience, and that your postcards match your website and the rest of your marketing. Visual consistency makes your postcards immediately recognizable, reinforces your branding and underscores your professionalism.

You can increase your credibility and your prospects’ confidence by incorporating customer testimonials and also logos of organizations you belong to, such as the Better Business Bureau, your local chamber of commerce, trade associations or service clubs. If your prospects are also members, you’re already on the same team.

Professionals who create B2B postcards every day also note that postcards which include a special offer or discount easily outperform those that do not.

Mailing list selection is critical.

You’re targeting businesses, not every household in town, but your targeting may need to be very specific. Typically, focusing on geography and SIC codes will allow you to reach your best prospects.

You may also want to consider a premium business list that enables you to add criteria such as number of employees, length of time in business, sales volume, minority ownership or whether the recipient location is a headquarters or branch office.

And, as they say, timing is everything.

Repetition – mailing multiple times to the same mailing list – is just as important for B2B postcards as for marketing directly to individuals. Experts suggest mailing once a month, to establish and reinforce your company branding and to make sure your postcard and message are right at hand when your prospect is ready to buy.

Don’t forget to follow up.

Your B2B postcards will perform best if you continue to measure and track your results. But remember to keep following up with prospects, too. Email can be useful, but it’s those repeat postcard mailings that will keep you top of mind.

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