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9 Reasons Dentists Should Step up Their Marketing This Fall

In the flurry of holiday activities, it can be easy to forget the everyday necessities of life such as going to the dentist. Consistent dental marketing can help you boost your fall patient load and revenue, and it can set you up nicely for substantial business growth in the coming year. Consider these nine reasons to step up your fall marketing:

1. It’s the season of “mouth stressors” — rich foods, desserts, candy and alcohol at parties, not to mention drinking too much coffee or tea in an effort to stay awake with little sleep. This is a great time to remind people about that, with helpful hints about keeping teeth clean while on the go – quick and easy ideas such as carrying a box of floss or a packet of dental wipes. Offer samples at your office or entire packets of goodies as a reward for new patients. (And, by all means, if you can get these products imprinted with your name, phone number and web address, do it!)

2. Remind patients to take care of tooth-related issues that “aren’t really that bad” before they get worse. Cracked fillings can easily become a broken tooth and cavities can go from mildly annoying to seriously painful at the least opportune time such as Thanksgiving Day or their daughter’s Christmas pageant performance. Offer a special discount for “fix ups.”

3. Fall marketing enables you to keep your practice in front of people even if you aren’t as “top of mind” right now as their children’s school activities or holiday shopping. The last you want is to lose marketing momentum, because it’s much harder to regain than maintain.

4. Who says April has to be the only Dental Health Month? Declare November or December your own local Dental Health Awareness Month or Whiter Teeth Month, and promote the value of heading into the new year confidently, with a bright, healthy smile.

5. Your competitors plan to market their practice this fall. There’s no way you can afford to sit back and let them leave you behind. This is the time to use dental marketing to promote all the things that make your practice stand out from those other offices:

  • Your Saturday or weekend hours.
  • Your guarantee.
  • Your insurance affiliations.
  • Your budget-friendly rates or flexible financing.

Emphasize what’s special about you personally, too, because prospects are really looking for a dentist, not an office. Traits such as your specialized training and expertise or your calming chairside manner build a sense of familiarity and trust.

6. Create a fall special on children’s dental services, since the kids will be out of school for a few weeks. Sure, everyone’s schedule is “full” right now, but at least Mom won’t have to take little Amy out of school to get her teeth cleaned. Mom will appreciate that.

7. Promote the broader health benefits of having a healthy mouth. Link to your blog or other resources on your website. Offer a special whitepaper patients and prospects can download by clicking the QR code on your dental marketing postcard, to build your email list.

8. Create a “last minute” campaign aimed at patients whose dental insurance “year” ends at the end of the calendar year.

9. Offer a “book now for January” discount.

Strong, professional design enhances – and ensures – your postcard’s ability to communicate with impact, clarity and irresistible appeal. Just as you’re an expert on all things dental, your direct mail team is expert in crafting the right content and blending the right colors, images, fonts and other design details to produce eye-catching dental marketing postcards that really work.

You’re busy, so let the pros manage your marketing details. Thanks to their delivery of top-quality fall marketing, you can plan on being even busier.

photo credit: jeff_golden via photopin cc

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