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6 Savvy Ways to Conduct Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is popular with savvy marketers, because it’s popular with consumers. Consider these statistics:

  • 75% of consumers say they check their mail carefully so they don’t miss coupons or other money-saving special offers.
  • 40% say they’ve tried a new business, thanks to receiving direct mail marketing material from them.
  • And 70% of consumers say they have resumed buying from a business they had abandoned, as a result of receiving “we want you back” direct mail marketing from that business.

While these stats are good news for your business, you’ll reap the greatest benefits if you conduct your direct mail marketing using proven techniques. Here are six ways savvy marketers are making the most of direct mail.

1. Generating leads.

Use direct mail to encourage prospects to contact you directly – for instance, calling to get a free consultation or make an appointment. Or use direct mail to establish an online relationship with prospects, by driving them to your website or social media profile. You can do that by inviting them to read your blog, sign up for your newsletter or an upcoming webinar, download a whitepaper or coupon.

You’re offering them something of value in return for a little additional data about them – their email address, name, etc. You’re beginning to qualify them and beginning to engage with them at the same time.

Successful marketers know repetition is critical. It can take as many as seven or more impressions for your name and message to be easily remembered, depending on the type of products or services you’re promoting. You’ll make the greatest impact, fastest, by repeating your mailings with predictable frequency – monthly is optimum.

2. Generating additional revenue from existing customers.

While generating leads is important to keep your business growing, you also want to stay top-of-mind with your existing customers so they continue to buy from you. Direct mail marketing is perfect for that, too.

You can create a campaign to promote a new product or service to customers you know – or suspect – will be interested. You can use postcards to offer special discounts to repeat customers. And you can design a compelling mail program that tells lapsed customers you want them back.

3. Compelling offers.

The most motivating offers include special pricing, limited time offers such as “early bird” discounts or deadlines to respond, giveaways or gift-with-purchase, free or low-cost trials.

4. Strategically-targeted mailing lists.

You want to reach as many prospects as possible, but it’s smarter to use a smaller mailing list of well-targeted prospects than to mail to lots of people that aren’t very likely to buy from you. Where to draw the line depends on your business and your marketing goals, so talk to your direct mail expert to learn how you can create a top-quality list for each campaign that also assures the lowest possible mailing rates.

5. Knowing the difference between gimmicky and good design.

Weird postcard shapes or sizes may seem eye-catching, but they are not Post Office-friendly. Your mailing will probably cost more, and it could take longer, too – and that’s no way to achieve a good return on your investment. Stick with what works – a postcard designed by a direct mail professional.

6. Hooking up with a direct mail marketing company.

You can put your mailings in the hands of experts without having to become an expert. You can take advantage of their expertise, experience, and great advice. You’ll save time and money, and avoid the heartache and headaches that come from making costly mistakes.

A full-service direct mail marketing company can help you with your entire project – design, printing, mailing list development and mail prep. You’ll get mailers that are proven effective, at a price that’s the most cost-effective. Great ROI and greater profitability from every mailing. That’s pretty savvy.

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