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5 Advantages of Direct Mail for Small Companies

Let’s say that you have discovered a potential new market. One that you think will be very receptive to your products or services only to find out that the estimate advertising cost is way too high and that your ads won’t appear until the next six months.

As an owner of a small business with big goals, how can you tap this new market without burning a hole in your pocket?

Direct mail marketing gives you the opportunity to test new markets without sucking your bank dry. At a reasonable cost, you can check out if the new opportunity is indeed a gold mine or not. It provides you a way to conduct a test or survey of this market quickly and in a relatively easy manner especially if you are using the services of a reliable direct mail printer.

But that’s not all. There are many incredible opportunities direct mail has to offer to small companies.

We believe that if you look closer and stop being a skeptic for a minute, you’ll be able to figure out the attractive advantages of direct mail marketing for small businesses.

#1 Highly-targeted recipients

With an organize database, you can use direct mail to reach out to a more specific type of audience that you’d want to get your message across. You can also purchase lists for additional leads.

#2 Protect your team from overwhelming response

Betting your budget on high-impact advertisements without pre-work is haunting rather daunting. Haunting because it can bite you in the long run if your target audience will repel your message. The beautiful thing about direct mail is that it can give you little hints of favourability among your consumers before deciding going full scale. A concentrated direct mail campaign is the best pre-work for a big marketing campaign and it has been used for companies, whether big or small for years.

#3 Cost-effective

Direct mailing is a noteworthy marketing investment because it has a lasting impression on your customers. It is not like a social media post that you can easily delete or pop up ads that everybody has learned to hate overtime. With the right design and right messaging, you will be able to persuade your target audience to take action.

#4 Reinforce your message to the same recipients

Yes! You can mail the same list over and over again with slightly different messages and still get worthwhile results. Print marketing has that special charm that email marketing does not possess. Seriously speaking, how often do you receive a lovely postcard out of the mailbox? And how excited are you in receiving one? You don’t have to tell us because we already know. And that’s why we are for you – to make your customers feel special just like how you’d feel if you will receive a special postcard from a distant friend.

#5 Faster responses than other advertising mediums

Depending on the scale of your campaign, setting up and getting responses from a direct mail campaign can be fast. With a modest size campaign to an identified target audience, you can easily acquire a mailing list, create marketing materials (flyer, reply letter, post card, brochure), launch a mailing campaign and start getting responses within months.

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