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3 Easy Ways to Avoid a ‘Salesy’ Direct Mail Copy

Time and time again, it has been proven that people are averse to advertisements that use too much “sales language.” Potential customers hate it when you take valuable time out of their day just to try and sell them something so you can make a profit. It’s understandable, given the natural human desire to want to come out of an interaction with any form of media with more than you entered in with.

When a person is approached with sales media, a person feels like they have wasted their time, because the only person who got anything out of the interaction is the person or ad trying to sell them something. They feel there is intrinsic value (and their normally isn’t) in copy that is directly written to sell someone something.

That is why, when creating sales copy, you have to write it in a way that it doesn’t sound too “salesy.” You have to engage the audience and get them to believe that they are getting something out of an interaction with your media. While this may sound difficult, there are many easy ways to engage your audience with a well-crafted sales pitch that doesn’t make them want to tune you out.

Use a conversational tone in your ad copy

Using a normal, “laid back” style of writing is probably the best way to engage an audience when trying to sell them something, because it doesn’t engage the audience’s defenses. Simple, unassuming, language that isn’t too direct (but direct enough to get your point across) eases the information across to your reader and will keep them interested in your article a lot longer.

Don’t be too direct in your marketing approach

When creating ad copy for your direct mail ad, don’t come on too strong or too fast in your sales pitch. Ease into the subject by introducing an intriguing fact in your introductory paragraph or start out by writing about a problem your product can solve. Interest the reader in something they want to hear, before you hit them with the sales pitch.

Use an indirect article approach

This is another popular way how to write sales ad copy is to use an indirect marketing approach. To do this, you write an article that relates to your product but doesn’t directly mention it. For example, if your company sells a cream that makes hair shinier, you could write an article about popular hairstyles. Once you have engaged the readers interest with your article, then tell them about your wonderful product. Just make sure that your product ties in with the article. One common way to turn a potential customer off your ad copy is to bring in “random” information that throws them off.

It can be really difficult to write an article that doesn’t sound too “salesy” in its approach. However, like all things, if you practice, your skills at creating compelling ad copy will grow over time.

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