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14 Misconceptions About The Effectiveness of Direct Mail Postcards

It’s time to debunk those pesky misconceptions about direct mail postcards.

They don’t work.

Thousands of business owners across the country and across a wide spectrum of industries rely on them month in and month out.

They’re too small.

You’d be surprised how much impact you can generate with a 4×6 postcard, not to mention larger sizes. The point of direct mail postcards is to pique your prospect’s interest, and postcards do that beautifully.

Bigger postcards aren’t cost-effective.

All postcard marketing is very budget-friendly. A direct mail professional can advise you about which size makes the most sense for you.

No one looks at their mail any more.

Indeed, they do. Multiple studies have shown people make a point of collecting and reviewing their mail, and people say they especially look forward to direct mail postcards. These people are your prospects.

I don’t do business with everyone.

Residential or “occupant” mailings are possible, but you can target mailing lists using a vast array of criteria to reach your most valuable audience.

You have to use a template.

You don’t even want to use a template. Effective postcards are custom-designed specifically for your business.

They don’t work with my online marketing strategy.

So you’d rather wait for prospects to find you? Smart marketers know multi-channel is best, and the touch-and-feel characteristics of postcards resonate with prospects in ways electronic messages simply cannot.

It’s only for “storefront” businesses.

Mobile services and even online businesses can benefit significantly from direct mail postcards. What better way to back up your SEO strategy? Postcards can drive traffic to your website as well as your phone.

It’s outdated.

It’s tried and proven, validated over many decades.

For many people, especially internet-oriented younger generations, direct mail actually stands out far better than the swarm of emails, IMs and texts they receive every day.

Just because postcards are the “veterans” of the marketing scene doesn’t make them obsolete, in some ways we’re coming full circle

People just throw direct mail away.

The physical nature of postcards means recipients can hang onto them – setting your postcard on the counter or sticking it to the refrigerator where it’s in full view and they won’t forget to follow up. If they lose it, your next mailing will arrive just in time to remind them. Most other advertising methods are “out of sight, out of mind.”

Print advertising is expensive.

It certainly can be, if you’re advertising in newspapers or magazines, on billboards, etc. But that’s not the case with postcards. Costs go down even more when you print in larger quantities, and your postcards are readily available for your next mailing.

They’re impersonal.

Quite the opposite, you’re targeting people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service — in a timely way, with relevant, valuable messaging and offers. There’s nothing impersonal about offering someone a deal on something they want or need.

Email is more modern.

Ah, but email marketing response rates are considerably lower than for direct mail postcards. And isn’t response your goal?

The postal rules are confusing. And all that addressing and sorting takes too much time.

Not if you use a direct mail service.

Maybe the real reason there are so many misconceptions about the effectiveness of direct mail postcards is that naysayers are jealous. Few other marketing techniques can demonstrate the longevity or, in many cases, the kind of ongoing productivity and return on investment postcards generate.

Now that we’ve cleared things up, it should be clear that direct mail postcards could be a valuable addition to your marketing mix. It’s time to call a full service direct mail company and get started.

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